It’s time for your story to sweep readers off their feet!

Whether novel or screenplay – better stories always lead to increased sales and happy readers.

You deserve a creative outlet – without the fear of writer’s block and criticism

Just imagine that ...

  • Writer’s block is a thing of the past
  • You are no longer afraid of critical readers
  • You understand the building blocks behind a compelling story
  • You develop your own style of writing instead of chasing the tips in guidebooks
  • Your readers are amazed because you bring a breath of fresh air to your genre

You love the writer’s life. Your story idea blew you away at first, but now, despite all the hard work, you’re standing in front of a construction site looking for advice, writing tips, and solutions that will satisfy you and your readers. Only somehow, your manuscript, your protagonist, your story arc doesn’t work the way you expected.

It is not your fault. 

Even if Instagram & Co. suggest otherwise – you don’t write a book “just like that.” Many authors work on their style for years and build up a readership. But most guides like to suggest that a magic tool will pave your way to success – a writing style, a book cover, a protagonist, or a book description.

But what if you’ve already read guidebooks, created mind maps, and character cards, planned sets, and still don’t know how to develop your story? What if the ideas for the plot never come up?


"At some point, it just has to..."

Maybe you have already taken matters into your own hands.

  • You have set up a newsletter and a professional website.
  • You have searched for test readers in online forums or at meetings.
  • Maybe you have even already run Facebook ads.
  • Or you have invested in a proofreader – except that he or she has only given you grammar tips.
  • But somehow, nobody understands what you want to say. And meanwhile, you feel disoriented.

Your newsletter is not picking up speed; your beta readers complain about an “illogical this” and a “strange that.”

You have invested so much time, money, and work, and the reward is “Mum’s the word.” Meanwhile, you are thinking about merely canceling the book project. All those authors who supposedly do the same thing as you do, annoy you more than inspiring anything.

And even your environment advises you to try something different.

“Are there still authors who can win readers, or is all this just a lie?

Believe me, I feel your pain. From my studies I know how attached you can be to a book project. And through my editing and coaching I also understand how much you as an author identify with “your book baby”. It often feels as if your critics are rejecting you along with your book.

But do not throw in the towel yet!

There is a way to improve your plot in a structured way and to inspire readers…


  • … without spending years studying guidebooks.
  • … without rewriting scenes again and again because they don’t fit.
  • … without always looking for new novel ideas to ensure success.
  • … without wasting time on scenes that do not make it into the book.
  • … without subjecting yourself to the writing style and rhythm of other authors who don’t fit into your everyday life.

Story Coaching

In story coaching we adapt to your rhythm. You receive individual help that is tailored to your personal problems, not a one-size-fits-all. 

Together we work out how you can improve your plot and gain clarity about your project.

We work on your character design, on the scene layout and on motives. In doing so, you will get to know yourself better as an author and become more confident with your writing style and novel structure.

You will learn how to write efficiently, not effectively. Of course, there is a value in developing a writing routine. But what good are 5,000 words a day if you have to delete 4,000 again?

We will create a battle plan so that you can grow as an author and pursue a novel concept that your readers will love.

Unlike many editors, I don’t give you prefabricated rules to follow, instead I work with you on your text. Nor do I impose my writing style or any marketing recipe for success on you. I take you by the hand and show you what is already working on the book market and how you can benefit from it.

And if you are still on shaky ground in terms of language, I would be happy to help you with a novel editing session afterwards so that static scene descriptions and bumpy dialogue don’t throw your readers off track.

If you apply what I teach you through story coaching, that translates to:

cool Less stress in your daily writing routine

laughing Happy readers

money-mouth A clear vision for your plot – an therefore, a better marketing strategy


Story coaching reduces stress. You don’t have to keep on trying because you know what works. No let-me-guess-the-secret-sauce!

What do you get with a story coaching?

Consultation sessions

In the consulting sessions we get an impression of the big picture via telephone or Google Hangouts. We discuss your goals and routines, address comprehension problems and find your personal recipe for a successful novel.

Written feedback

To make sure you’re not alone in the face of a huge mountain of work, I’ll send you suggestions for improvement – tailored to your plot and pre-sorted by task area. This way you keep the overview and get to work in a structured way.

Examples from the author world

All these rules can make your head spin at the end. Of course I know that too. And that’s why I always include examples of well-known novels in my coaching sessions. That way you don’t stubbornly learn rules by heart, but learn from the great ones.


For active protagonists, vivid scenes and crisp dialogues I will provide you with checklists. This way you learn the rules of a solid plot independently from your own manuscript. You can also use what you have learned for your next project.


Developmental novel editing

In addition to story coaching, I offer proofreading and editing services for authors.

I take care of writing style, plot logic, characterization, and dialogues with respect to your genre.

This way you know that your manuscript will match your readers’ expectations and not recycle cliched tropes and motifs.

If you opt for story coaching, you will also receive bonuses:

  1. My handout Writer’s High for dynamic scenes
  2. My handout against lame protagonists
  3. All-round combination offers, if you are interested in coaching and novel editing

Sound good? Then get an offer for your story now!

Why me?

Why me?

After working as a lecturer for German medieval studies, I started my own business as a story coach and editor. At RWTH Aachen University, I received my doctorate in literature (both German and English) and spent more than five years dissecting actions, motifs, and scenes with students.

As an author and blogger, I understand how much passion is attached to creative projects and how much joy fresh ideas bring to authors and readers. That’s why I wanted to move away from analysis for its own sake and towards the authors.

Since my focus throughout my studies was on rhetoric, motifs, and plot structure, I now approach editing in a more structured way than other colleagues. Nevertheless, I never stop learning. In order to expand my business and my services, I constantly take new courses for editors, bloggers, and authors. Recently, I took two courses by Jeff Goins and one by David Perell; in the future, I plan to take more storytelling courses.

You are ready for a story coaching if you…

… finally want to grow as an author.

… want to write stories that will make your readers rave about you.

… are open to breaking new ground in marketing.

… are ready to step out of the protective bubble and expose yourself to criticism.

… want to write more efficiently, not more effectively. More does not always mean more!


You are NOT ready for story coaching if you…

… blame the market or your test readers for your failure.

… think your idea is so brilliant and unique that you don’t even want to deal with the details.

… do not believe that there are learnable rules behind good scripts and novels.

… are looking for a single solution for your novel. Even a story coaching alone does not guarantee a huge sales volume!

… you still see your life as a hobby or a nice playground.

Here is my guarantee

I cannot promise you that you will win the Nobel Prize for Literature or sell thousands of novel copies. Your success depends on too many factors: the cover design, your book description, your marketing channels, the genre, the competition, and finally, a bit of chance.

Therefore, I can only guarantee you one thing: You will leave the coaching satisfied and understand your novel better.

And if you have the feeling that the coaching won’t help you, that we are talking at cross purposes or that you need more information on a topic – let me know during the coaching. Then I will keep trying until you are satisfied and feel safe.

Now it's your turn!

You can decide against story coaching and continue writing in the dark.

You can continue to complain about the success of other authors who have mastered the rules of convincing storytelling.

You can even blame it on the readers, the market or the genre.

Or you can decide to invest in yourself and your writing career.

When you take the initiative, you show professionalism and stop thinking in terms of scarcity and competition. You discover new possibilities for novels, cooperation, marketing strategies. And along the way you develop a different self-confidence because you finally know what you are doing.

I am already standing at the starting block. Are you ready?

Frequently asked questions

And how do I know if this will work?

– Of course, a big part depends on how much you implement in the end. As with any coaching, I cannot do the work for you – even though I try to remove as many obstacles as possible. But I am a coach, not a ghostwriter. My coaching is based on principles that you can find in numerous guidebooks and rulebooks – from Robert McKee to Quintilian. So I don’t pull rules out of my nose to annoy you and I don’t impose my literary taste on you. Good stories are based on building blocks. And that is exactly what I am teaching you. The rest is up to you.

How expensive is story coaching?

– The first story coaching does not cost you a cent. The only important thing is that you send me an excerpt from your manuscript and an overview of the plot draft beforehand so that we can use the time efficiently. For larger projects, it will depend on the size of your manuscript and the services you want to use. Naturally, I cannot quote a 500-page novel in the same way as a short story. But to keep it calculable for you, you will receive a cost estimate beforehand. No hourly rates or other buffers that result in a higher price for you afterwards.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

– I offer a money-back guarantee for all Info products; but not for coaching sessions. Why? – Because I am firmly convinced that you will go home satisfied in the end. If you notice along the way that the road gets bumpier than expected, let me know. We will find a solution together.

Are there free coaching sessions?

– I offer free trial coaching sessions from time to time. But there is no free trial period. If you are interested and cannot or do not want to afford a coaching at the moment, you will surely find many free tips here on this site. Feel free to write to me and I will put you on the waiting list and let you know when a webinar or group coaching is due.

When is the right time for coaching and when for editing?

– In most cases, you should take advantage of coaching when the first idea is already developed, but you haven’t written too much. Experience shows that you have to make many changes to the plan after the coaching sessions. So if you go into a coaching with 200 pages, this is certainly feasible, but it will cause you double work. On the other hand, you should not just write down the first idea on a piece of paper. A “novel about a knight who fights a tyrant” doesn’t give you that much, if you understand. I would say you need a rough overview in keywords or alternatively the first 20-50 pages of your manuscript so that you can get the most out of coaching.

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