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Dr. Florian Fuehren

I improve one-cent-heroes and lame plots

Would you want to live off of fast food alone? You see? So cut cheap, inferior stories from your life!

I offer developmental editing and story coaching for novelists and story nerds. Whether you’re a plotter a pantser, whether you’ve just started the first chapter or you’ve wandered into the knee-deep swamp of your story – a convincing story is my only goal. Fewer cliches and catchwords, more POW!

On my blog, I dedicate myself to the writer’s life and entrepreneurship, from social media strategies for indie writers to the perfect writing app. Since I work as an editor, I also like to share writing tips that have already helped my clients in past projects. If there’s time, you can also catch me on a podcast once in a while.

Florian Fuehren

Florian Fuehren

Who am I?

I live in two worlds, really: Technology here, literature over there.

While studying English and German literature, I came to love the Middle Ages, which sometimes manifests itself in my weird reading choices, but also in proofreading and writing.

Once you had to learn whether it’s ie, íe, je or eie, you become a picky reader, trust me!

After many years of teaching at university, I’m looking forward to providing my expertise as a story coach and novel proofreader.

If I don’t write or read, I enjoy life with my family and dog, or I ride around on my motorcycle.

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Let your text shine – through form and content.

Texts without a thought-out concept convince just as well as litanies of spelling errors.
Together we take care of all layers of your text.

Here I write about writing itself…

Story Rules: Why Stephen King Doesn’t Plan His Plot

Story Rules: Why Stephen King Doesn’t Plan His Plot

Shouldn't you, as a novelist, know what will happen to your protagonist at the end? Or will that break the Holy Law of Plotting? In this post, we want to think about the necessity of plot – Do you need it or is it a matter of choice? In most writing guides, authors'...

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